This Season’s Trends
I. Flexible and mellow
Flexible and mellow organisms are the wonderful work of the nature. Their infinite charm is also the carriers for designers to divergent thinking and get inspiration. Thus, flexible and mellow design which exudes a pleasant temperament has become an increasingly popular choice for bathroom designers.
II. Simplicity and sincerity
Make things simple. The lifestyle of the new generation born after 80s has been the main trend of this era. They chase after fashion and personality and are full of modern flavor. Simple style has affected furniture’s design and decoration trend. More and more bathroom cabinet brands are employing simple and convenient design. Humanized product design shall help consumers to sense "sincerity" in their home life.
III. Colorful and neutral
We have also tasted the colorful concept in fashion field and launched a variety of colorful products in the same series so as to cater to the individual needs and tap the designers’ potential. The use of neutral colors is also a trend in sanitary ware design. Khaki, jazz gray, champagne, white and other neutral colors are very popular in design as such noble and elegant colors can not only make eyes fully relaxed but also interpret the comfortable bathroom cabinet products perfectly.
IV. Smart
Due to the development of science and technology, the sanitary industry ushered in the smart era. The NC sensor switch, smart toilet, thermostatic shower faucet and other products are the signs of sanitary intelligence. Convenient, comfortable and humanizing intelligent sanitary products will attract more attention in the coming year.
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