Cleaning and maintenance of bathroom accessory

Although the majority of people choose bathroom accessory carefully, they do not spend time taking good care of them, leading to various problems. Thus, Argent Crystal Sanitary Ware provides these instructions about cleaning and maintenance of bathroom accessory for your reference, thus to keep them bright and clean.

I. Cleaning

For stubborn dirt, surface dust and stains which are difficult to remove, use mild liquid detergent, colorless glass cleaner or polishing fluid without abrasive effect first and then rinse off with clear water and wipe with soft cotton cloth.

Once cleaning is finished, be sure to rinse all cleaning agent with clear water and wipe with dedicated maintenance cloth (or 100% cotton cloth). Otherwise, water stain may appear on the surface.

II. Maintenance

Maintain door and window open, keep good ventilation in bathroom, and adopt the method of dry-wet separation for maintenance of bathroom accessory.

Avoid collision with any metal object or other object that may damage the surface.

As paint has corrosive effect on the surface coating of product, be sure not to contact paint.

Use white cotton cloth coated with decontaminating wax to clean the entire product thoroughly every three months, thereby extending its service life.

Cleaning and maintenance of mirror

In moist bathroom, mirror is inevitably tainted with moisture and may have black spots over time. Mirror also needs maintenance as the cabinet, bathtub and other major articles in bathroom. Let us tell you the secret to make mirror as bright as the new.

I. Cleaning

Use soft dry cloth or cotton to wipe the mirror surface to avoid scrape, or wipe with soft cloth or etamine after dipping in kerosene or wax. Rag dipped in milk may also be used to wipe the mirror to keep them clear and bright. Oil absorbing sheet is also a good choice.

Frame should be wiped with soft cotton cloth, cotton or worsted yarn so as to prevent rusting.

II. Maintenance

Mirror shall usually be cut, as such vapor may easily enter into the mirror through the side gap, corrode the surface and then cause corrosion and rust spots. Therefore, you’d better apply a coating on the two sides and back of new mirror first before installation (all mirrors of Argent Crystal have undergone such processing).

Mirror should better be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

Do not touch the mirror edge with wet hand or wipe with damp cloth as the entry of too much moisture may result in deterioration and corrosion of mirror.

Salt, grease and acidic substance shall be kept away from the mirror as they are corrosive.

Take proper amount of dishwashing liquid with dry cloth and smear on the mirror surface evenly. Then the inclusive active ingredients may effectively prevent condensation of vapor on the mirror and achieve favorable anti-fog effect.

Cleaning and maintenance of bathroom cabinet

Bathroom cabinet is becoming an indispensable part in our daily life. How to take care of it? Here we will share with you some instructions about cleaning and maintenance of bathroom cabinet.

I. Cleaning

Bathroom cabinet shall not be cleaned by water washing directly. Gently wipe with dampish cloth so as to prevent corrosion due to stagnant water. Regularly dust off the bathroom cabinet with soft cloth sprayed with cleaner. Never use dry cloth for cleaning.

It would be best to use neutral detergent. The toothpaste which is readily available in bathroom is a good choice for cleaning. Avoid smearing the product with other chemical solution.The water mixed with ingredients of cleaning products placed on bathroom cabinet, such as soap and facial cleanser, shall be wiped immediately (underlying cloth under the cleaning products is also OK).

II. Maintenance

Handle bathroom cabinet with care and avoid dragging forcibly; when the ground is uneven, pad the legs accordingly.

Both water inlet pipe and outlet pipe shall be connected seamlessly; also inspection shall be made regularly to avoid leakage that may corrupt the cabinet.Avoid sun exposure. Keep good ventilation and dry-wet separation. Maintain door and window open.Wax regularly: paste a layer of wax on the cabinet every 6-12 months, including the body, metal handle, towel bar and bracket.
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