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Decorative Mirrors
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'Argent Crystal' sanitary ware is famous for the unique design and exquisite details. With the total Quality Management of ISO9000 system, devotion of 'Argent Crystal' to quality and integrity are poured into all details of every kind of material, every handcraft and every process. Thus, service life of our products is much longer.
Silver mirrors made of 'Pilkington' SQ-class float glass coated with pure silver with England technology are fully in line with the EU standard EN-1036 as being tested by experimental results of 120 hours' CASS or 480 hours' NSS; paint film of Italian FENQI professional green paint has the features of even, firm, stable, durable, clear mirror, real and accurate image without distortion.
Italian BOTTERO auto-slitting machine, INTERMAC auto- engraving machine, Korean wave edging machine and so on advanced processing devices ensure the accuracy and quality of products. With perfect edge polishing process, the precision may even be up to ± 0.5 mm.
high quality galvanized hanging fittings of made with innovative concave and convex design one-off stamping technology; regular concavo-convex grids on surface effectively ensure the usage amount of glass cement and contact area and thereby make the pasting of pendant more firm and safe. Antioxidant and oxidation corrosion resistance performance of materials is 10 times better than that of ordinary fittings.
After processing, all cross sections are protected by sealing with special rubber. This may effectively prevent the contact of silver layer and copper layer with humid environment and thereby extend the service life of products.
made of origin assorted precisely matched and high precision hardware products, the high standards of material selection, processing and electroplating technics guarantee the quality of products and their performance in salt spray test is much higher than the national standard.


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