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Bathroom Furniture
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'Argent Crystal' sanitary ware is famous for the unique design and exquisite details. With the total Quality Management of ISO9000 system, devotion of 'Argent Crystal' to quality and integrity are poured into all details of every kind of material, every handcraft and every process. Thus, service life of our products is much longer.
Plates are the key element for bathroom cabinet. However, not any plate can be used as the material of bathroom cabinet. Due to horizontal and vertical superposition of wooden slices, the stress of deformation is canceled and the internal structural power is stable. Hence, multi-layer solid wood plates don't have the defect of distortion or crack.
Argent Crystal bathroom cabinet is made with international E1-class environment-friendly multi-layer solid wood plate, a kind of raw material generally used by high-end floor board manufacturers. The core is made of Indonesia Meranti timber, the most suitable high quality material for bathroom cabinet.
(2)Artificial stone countertop and basin:
Based on the manufacture of artificial stone, Argent Crystal bathroom countertop and basin are produced by using artificial ceramic stone process and adding glass microcrystalline powder and other a variety of special materials into the raw materials. The surface's hardness is much higher than ordinary artificial stone. Without natural pores, artificial microcrystalline stone countertop is totally water proof. Adopting one-piece molding process, there is no artificial splicing gap. The products also have smooth and beautiful appearance, excellent pollution resistance, and are easy to clean without blind area of sanitation. Above all, Argent Crystal artificial microcrystalline stone contains no radioactive element and is currently the most secure green material.
(3)Cabinet mirror:
The mirror used for our bathroom cabinet are made of British Pilkington crystal material and 5mm SQ-class float glass, and are processed using Italian INTERMAC and BOTTERO devices and processing technologies. The reflectivity is higher than 92% and the image is accurate. Moreover, the products have excellent anti-mildew performance.
The mirror's back paint consists of a pure silver reflective film, a pure copper protective film and two-layers of protective paint. Its surface has no bubbles, scratches or black base. The low lead paint is safe and green. Before use, after connected to power supply for about 2-3 minutes, the dedicated advanced electronic anti-fog film on back of the Utility CS series bathroom cabinet can automatically realize defogging, thus to keep the mirror bright as ever.
(4)Hardware accessories:
Based on the "user-friendly and durable" principle, Argent Crystal considers noise, rust-proof, strength, esthetics and other aspects in selection of bathroom cabinet accessories. Hidden underpinning silencing sliding rail adopted in drawers of Argent Crystal bathroom cabinet products have undergone strict 72-hour salt spray test and their corrosion protection performance is higher than national standard and obtained the ANSI/BHMA test certificate issued by authority of the United States. Underpinning rails are of high safety, no noise, anti-damage and rust-proof, and can further eliminate the unsmooth sliding commonly seen in ordinary rails caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Silent self-closing hinge serves to perform the function of silent self closing.

(5)Mirror lighting:
With color rendering index Ra up to 80 to 90, Argent Crystal bathroom cabinet mirror lighting can fully display the most realistic state of users. The light box using acrylic material has the following features: excellent optical performance and anti-yellowing properties, good transmittance, and not easy to change color.






The PE high-grade furniture paint adopted for Argent Crystal bathroom cabinet had taken the lead to pass ISO9001 quality system certification, 3C and a number other certifications. AS China Environmental Label Product, our cabinets are also national inspection exemption products. They adopt the totally enclosed piano paint process with surface hardness up to 3.5H. This process can not only prevent the penetration of external moisture into the plate and avoid expansion and deformation of plate due to moisture, but also guarantee that the plate contains a certain amount of moisture and thus rarely generates cracks.
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