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Bathroom Accessory
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'Argent Crystal' sanitary ware is famous for the unique design and exquisite details. With the total Quality Management of ISO9000 system, devotion of 'Argent Crystal' to quality and integrity are poured into all details of every kind of material, every handcraft and every process. Thus, service life of our products is much longer.
Qonly use qualified copper alloy, zinc alloy, stainless steel and so on metal materials certified by GB/T 2828-2003 standard prior to production provided by suppliers who are certified by ISO9000 international quality management system. Such materials have the features of less impurities, small tolerance, low distortion degree, high extension, uniform wall thickness and smooth surface and may guarantee the internal quality and external appearance effect of the finished products.
each precisely matched and exquisitely made hardware products is made with precision, meticulous and leading processing technology. Being different from hand finishing of traditional hardware, we have a variety of CNC equipment, rich processing experience, normative process flow operation and all these guarantee very precise metal processing technics, craft with mismatch error of only ± 0.15 mm.
World-class professional electroplating production line processing, 100% electroplated parts visual inspection and sampling laboratory salt spray tests in batches guarantee product quality stability and service life.
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